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35 Link Building Tactics That Work Best in 2017

  • 02 May, 2018
  • Posted In SEO

Links are the lifeblood of your website. No matter what Google says, you can’t successfully rank your web pages in Google’s organic listings without inbound links (or backlinks).You might have the best website in the world, but your ideal customers don’t care unless they can easily find it in Google.

This year, and in the years to come, there is one thing that digital marketers can’t live without — and that’s link building.

Since 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine query and 44% of online shopping starts by using a search engine, a business that ignores link building will not be found in the search results. It’s that simple.

1. Earn more links by creating comprehensive content

Google has a way of gauging quality content.

When someone searches for say, “baby boy names,” Google will try to figure out what the meta keyword is about — as well as the intent behind the search term.

This initial search, therefore, triggers a flowchart that Google uses to determine content qualityputting a lot of factors into consideration.

To a large extent, the user activity on a page is what helps Google to judge whether a content page is useful or not.

So, you’ll agree with me that quality content is relative. Because what you regard as a quality factor may not be what I’m after. The best approach is to create comprehensive content — content that answers the most common questions for any given topic.

For example, if you’re planning to write a blog post about “lead magnets,” then, make sure you cover everything including what lead magnets are — when to use them, what they’re good for, types of lead magnets, how to create one, and more. Got the picture?

Comprehensive content is rich, helpful, engaging, actionable, data-driven, and well-formatted.It’s one of the basic ingredients of link building. Remember that people don’t actually link out to a domain name, but rather, to the content page itself. Great content means more backlinks.

This is the reason why the top priority of 73% of B2C content creators is to create more engaging content.


2. Create link-worthy assets

Blog posts are not the only linkable asset that you can use, there are other types of content that help you acquire new links quickly. These include infographics, videos, graphics, vectors, free tools, PDFs, guides, and other types of assets.

Dummy Image is a nice example. It’s a free tool for designers that lets them create dummy images.

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