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The key to a successful website is having multiple effective internet marketing campaigns. Therefore, it is vitally important to monitor how each of these campaigns is performing; and not only in terms of how much traffic it generates and what pages a user visits, but most importantly, if they fill in an enquiry form or if the visit converts to actually make a sale for you.

As part of your SEO campaign with Click4SEO we would ensure that an analytics package is added to your site (if it isn’t already) and then your dedicated account manager will monitor the activity to your website on a monthly basis and will provide regular reports throughout your campaign contract.

Through these reports, confident decisions can be made on which marketing techniques are working and which aren’t so you can construct your site accordingly.



Click4SEO has a number of web measurement tools that enable simple and effective reporting of your website’s performance. In particular, we can provide you with essential management information that can form future strategies for your business to grow from strength to strength.

The sheer volume of analytics data which is available to website owners means many hours wasted in analysing data. This is time as a business owner you just don’t have. Just Search can provide you with effective measurement reports that highlight what your site does well, but more importantly, what it doesn’t.

The reports will segment your marketing activity and visitor information in many ways; they will make key observations and recommendations to you. These include major usability and customer experience issues as well as conversion tracking, in particular by the keywords which Click4SEO are optimising on the site.


The management reports also include the following with key findings, observations and recommendations:

  • Visitor and content summaries
  • Referring sources (SEO / PPC/ direct / banner / affiliates etc.)
  • Navigation paths
  • Referring keywords
  • Conversion path analysis
  • Time spent on site
  • User trends
  • Content areas and usage
  • Repeat visits & new users
  • Landing page effectiveness


We have a more comprehensive service that will enable you to track all online marketing activity across platforms and report on its effectiveness.

Web measurement services start from just £20 per month depending on the number of platforms you wish to track, the level of information required, real time or delayed performance reporting, and the number of page views your site receives per month.

We also have a bespoke analytical system for high-end users that require enterprise solutions.



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